Why We Love Solar (And Why You Should Too)!

Sabrina Lopez
September 24, 2015
4 min read

There’s little doubt that the outlook for solar energy continues to improve by leaps and bounds every year. Through advancements in performance, pricing and system longevity, solar has earned its place in a rapidly evolving technology landscape changing how people power their lives. Just drive around the valley and see that solar is no longer relegated to a few homes and businesses here and there. In just a few short years, solar has become a firmly established energy option that’s helping families and businesses around the world reduce their monthly energy costs while ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for us all.

What’s driving this shift? A clear and predictable return on investment. Solar is no longer just for environmentalists and eccentric millionaires looking to impress with their latest example of bleeding-edge technology. Today, solar is a thriving industry in which innovation and investment dramatically improve performance, and competition continues to drive down prices. The net result is that installing your solar energy plant is more affordable than even as recently as eight years ago!

There are many benefits to installing a solar energy system in Arizona. After all, we get more than 300 sunny days in most parts of the state yearly. When thinking about your energy use and evaluating whether solar is a good fit for you, consider the following:

1. Solar is renewable: Sunlight is the most abundant and reliable energy source, renewing itself daily.

2. Sunlight is free: As solar technology becomes more affordable and more efficient at capturing the sun’s rays, its ability to outpace utility costs has also improved. This is why so many utility companies are rushing to slow the advance of residential solar—all while investing in their solar energy farms. Solar puts the power back into the hands of the end user.

3. Solar is clean: Generating electricity from the sun results in zero C02 emissions. Unlike burning fossil fuels, solar leaves virtually no carbon footprint. It’s clean and completely renewable.

4. Solar is accessible: The sun shines on us equally, so every Arizona home and business owner has an amazing opportunity to cash in on our most abundant natural resource.

5. Storable energy: Home batteries have been in the news lately. It makes sense that the next evolution in personal power generation will include storing the electricity your solar system produces during the day so that you can use it after the sun goes down. Batteries represent the next leap forward in personal power generation and another bold leap for personal energy independence. 

The upfront costs of installing a solar on your home or business are no longer a barrier to entry. A properly designed solar energy system balances installation costs with monthly savings. When you add flexible lease and loan options into the mix, you can invest zero out-of-pocket money while realizing significant monthly savings from day one and a full return on your solar purchase in less than a decade. The ROI gets even more favorable when you factor in federal, state, and/or local tax credits that can offset more than 30% of the purchase price.

The break-even point is typically around the 10-year mark, at which your investment meets your savings. However, it may be less, depending on where you live, what type system you install and what tax credits are available to you. And don’t forget that you’re saving money every month from the moment the system is activated!

The advice from one of our experienced, licensed, and reputable solar energy experts cannot be understated. After they have answered all your questions and explored different solar energy options for your home, we're confident you'll soon love solar as much as we do!

If you're interested in learning more, you can request a free custom solar quote from one of our solar experts today. You can claim a federal tax credit equal to 30% of your solar energy system's purchase price, as well as a $1,000 tax credit from the state of Arizona, but the deadline to lock in these credits is Friday, October 2nd, so you better act fast!