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5 Tips to Discussing Solar with Friends and Family

Shannon Higgins

April 2023

Candid Company 2019-3Making the decision to go solar is exciting for any homeowner. When you can cut your monthly utility bills while lowering your carbon footprint, it's hard not to love the benefits that come along with a solar energy system. But how do you share those benefits with others in your life? How do you bring it up without sounding like a pushy salesman?

Perhaps you've just gone solar and want to discuss the advantages to making the switch. Or you've had neighbors see your solar energy system and ask questions about it. In either scenario, knowing how to discuss solar with friends and family who are interested is a challenge for some people. In this blog, we'll share some tips for the best way to share your solar journey in an authentic, low-pressure manner, while conveying all the compelling benefits. 


1. Know your audience

Before you begin talking about solar energy, it's essential to know your audience. Understanding their interests, concerns, and values will help you tailor your message to their needs. For example, if they are interested in reducing their energy bills, you may focus on the financial benefits of solar energy. If they're curious about the available tax incentives, you can shift your conversation to that. Or maybe their motivations are environmental, so switching to carbon offset is a better approach. Know their motivations before you drown them in data.


2. Start with the basics

You can start your conversation by gauging where your audience is at in their knowledge about solar and the process of installing it. While it can be helpful to review how a solar energy system works, we recommend keeping it simple. Solar panels, home batteries, and other technologies that turn sunshine into energy can get granular really fast, so try not to overwhelm them with too much information all at once.

You can also focus on your personal experience if you don't feel confident discussing the intricacies of the system. For example, you can discuss how you found your solar installation company, how long the process took, and how the system is working post-installation.

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3. Highlight the benefits

Solar energy has numerous benefits, including reducing your monthly utility bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and increasing your energy independence. If you've had your solar energy system installed for a while, you could even share your before and after bills to show a real-life example of the potential savings. 

As part of the benefits, you can also discuss local and federal solar incentives. There's a 30% federal solar investment tax credit and a $1,000 state of Arizona tax credit. Both of these can make going solar more affordable, and speed up the ROI on a solar investment.


4. Address concerns

As with most major investments and purchases, there will probably be some concerns or hesitations around it. Some people may have concerns about the cost, reliability, or maintenance of solar energy systems. You can  address these concerns by providing accurate information and statistics around the durability and reliability of solar, sharing your personal experiences with your own system, and discussing the warranties and maintenance plans that come with solar systems.

Most modern day solar energy systems come with robust manufacturer warranties, along with workmanship warranties. Bringing up what came with your system can help ease any concerns about that piece of going solar.


5. Provide resources

After your conversation, it might be a good idea to provide your friends and family with resources to help them learn more about solar if they're interested in making the switch. This could include websites, videos, or articles that explain the benefits of solar energy. You can also put them in touch with your solar installation company, or any others in the area that are well reviewed and established. Some solar companies offer referral fees, too.

Talking to your friends and family about solar energy can be challenging, but it's an essential conversation to have as we work towards a more sustainable future. By knowing your audience, starting with the basics, highlighting the benefits, addressing concerns, and providing resources, you can help your loved ones make informed decisions about solar energy and take advantage of its many benefits.


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