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Teach Your Kids About Solar at Home!

Shannon Higgins

March 2020

solar coloring workbook freepikSo you're stuck at home and your dining room is now playing double-duty as a makeshift classroom. What could be more welcome than a ready-made science lesson? Our friends over at American Solar Energy Society recently created this free Solar Energy Workbook that is immensely educational and a whole lot of fun at the same time. In it your younglings will learn the basics of solar energy, how solar technology is used to benefit the world today, and how this form of clean, renewable energy can help reduce pollution and ensure a cleaner future for everyone!

As an added bonus, ASES is offering certificates of appreciation for those who send in their colored workbooks! We hope this fun and informative workbook is beneficial to your family in these uncertain times.

Click here, or the button below, to download your copy of the workbook and get started.

Download Solar Energy Workbook