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Five Reasons to Consider SunPower’s 400+ Watt A-Series Panels

Kyle Ritland

December 2019

sunpower 400 a-series solar panelsEarlier this year, SunPower broke the 400W panel ceiling with the introduction of the groundbreaking A-Series solar panels. Delivering 400-425 watts per panel and an industry-leading efficiency up to 22.8 percent, the SunPower A-Series 415 is now available at a special introductory price exclusively through Sun Valley Solar Solutions. 

SunPower achieved this milestone by enlarging their Maxeon® Gen 5 cell by 65 percent over previous generations. Already the industry gold standard for output-per-size ratio, the larger Maxeon® Gen 5 is able to capture and convert more sunlight, which translates to more power than any commercially available home solar panel.

But why should you care? Because when it comes to solar panels, efficiency, output, and longevity are the “holy trinity” of performance factors. These are the benchmarks that separate the bargain panels that are available through virtually any installer with a functional pickup truck from the true, high-performance options reserved for the most qualified installers. 

More importantly, when output and efficiency are prioritized, you’ll wind up buying fewer panels to achieve maximum energy capture. With that said, let’s take a quick look at why the new SunPower A-Series panels are worth a careful consideration.

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1. Maximize roof space

Imagine installing panels on the south or west side of your roof: the areas that typically get the most sunlight here in Arizona. By using SunPower's A-Series panels, you'll produce more power from that available roof space over 25 years than you would with more conventional panels. That extra power means less electricity purchased from the utility, greater monthly savings, and more excess energy to sell back to your electric utility during cooler seasons.


2. Same power, fewer solar panels

If roof space is a challenge, high-efficiency panels are the answer. Let’s say that your solar design team has determined that a 5kW system is ideal for your home. To build that system, a certain number of panels will be required with the quantity based on the specific panel’s production output. If your roof allows for limited south or west-facing space, you'll want to choose a panel that offers the greatest output so that you can fully maximize all available space. With SunPower's A-Series 415-watt panels, you'd only need 12 panels to achieve 5kW of output, versus 15 or more conventional panels.


3. Avoid shade and other trouble areas

If you have trees that partially block your roof and you don’t wish to see them cut down, a higher efficiency panel will help you maximize your sunny areas while avoiding the need to expose the shady spots. Remember, more power, fewer panels.


4. Integrated inverters, racking and software

A-Series panels continue the turnkey design philosophy that was introduced with SunPower’s all-in-one Equinox home solar solution. A-Series optimizes system performance and streamlines installation by reducing the number of parts on your roof while reconfiguring how the microinverter is connected at each panel. SunPower’s approach helps each panel maximize output, especially in instances where a portion of the system may be shaded part of the day.


5. Built like a tank means production for decades

SunPower panels are constructed using a solid copper foundation, which enables exceptional durability for our harsh Sonoran summers and minimal degradation over a decades-long lifespan. SunPower backs their technology with an industry-leading power and product warranty for 25 years.


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