Plexus Worldwide Goes Solar, Cutting Electricity Bills by Over 50%

Sabrina Lopez
July 27, 2016
1 min read


Plexus Worldwide affirmed its commitment to sustainability by installing a photovoltaic system at its headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. Sun Valley Solar Solutions designed the 454.437-kilowatt system and began operating in December 2015.

“Consistent with our commitment to helping people change their lives, we aim to be a 'green' company by reducing air pollution and improving the environment," stated Steve Howard, Chief Financial Officer of Plexus. “We’re very proud to be now using our daily sunshine, the most abundant and
sustainable natural resource in Arizona, to deliver most of our electricity needs.” 

Plexus spent several months exploring solar energy and interviewing multiple potential installation partners. “We researched the top-tier providers in Arizona and selected Sun Valley based on their reputation and conceptual approach to system design,” said Howard.

With Plexus Worldwide being a new build, the work site consisted of various contractors and engineers completing multiple tasks simultaneously. The installation team at Sun Valley Solar Solutions maintained a high level of communication to coordinate with the other contractors, ensuring that the construction schedule and deadlines were maintained on time and within budget. Steve applauded the team's ability to collaborate in such a productive nature.

In addition to the solar project, Plexus also installed electric vehicle charging stations and is currently implementing an energy monitoring platform that will allow them to share their solar energy generation more easily and utility offset data with employees and visitors alike.

Plexus Worldwide’s new solar photovoltaic system eliminates the carbon dioxide emissions equivalent of burning 586,000 pounds of coal, according to estimates generated by the Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator.

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