SVSS Customer Brings Pope’s Climate Encyclical to Life

Sabrina Lopez
June 25, 2015
1 min read


In 2015's papal encyclical on climate change, Pope Francis called for a sweeping overhaul of political, economic, and individual practices to halt the degradation of the environment and protect our planet for the long term.

As one of the oldest churches in the diocese of Phoenix, Arizona's Sacred Heart Church and School has served the community for many decades.

In 2013, the progressive church expanded its leadership role by promoting environmental responsibility by implementing dual solar photovoltaic systems at its campus in Prescott, AZ.

The church performed a clean energy retrofit covering lighting, windows, waste, and solar power. It
dramatically reduced their utility spending and transformed the 32,000-square-foot school into a near-net-zero building. The solar project alone reduces more than 230,000 lbs of CO₂ per year, and the building is now lit with 97 percent LED lights. 

Gene Murphy, business manager of Sacred Heart Church and School, was recently recognized by the Environmental Defense Fund as a prime example of someone sitting at the intersection of religion, sustainability, and business. He was asked to give his insights into the parish's transformation.

We invite you to read the full article to learn more about how Gene, in partnership with Sun Valley Solar Solutions, led his church toward environmental stewardship.