4 Ways to Use Solar Energy in Your Arizona Home

Sabrina Lopez
November 5, 2015
2 min read

Living “off the grid” is the goal of eco-minded individuals everywhere. Especially here in Arizona’s solar market, where it’s very easy to use the sun’s abundant energy to lighten your carbon footprint and monthly electricity bill.

There are so many ways to utilize solar energy for your Arizona home. Using solar power isn’t only a responsible decision to help save the planet, but it’s also a smart way to save money on your electric bill. Renewable, abundant, and ready to be harnessed, we all have a free and clean power source hanging right over our heads.

Converting your Arizona home to solar can be a big investment.  Of course, the return on this investment is substantial. A properly designed solar array will start generating savings for you from the moment it’s activated. But even with the obvious returns, some people prefer to “lean” off the grid by incorporating solar into their lives a little at a time. If you’re interested in introducing solar energy into your Arizona home, here are four practical and simple ways to begin:

1. Swimming Pool: Using the sun’s power to maintain your swimming pool is fairly simple.  Pool supply companies have solar-powered filters, heaters, and even hot-tub components readily available for homeowners in Arizona. 

2. Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor lighting is another easy ‘first step’ into solar energy.  Use energy from the sun to power your outside ambient lighting in and around your pool deck area, patio, or footpaths, as well as security lighting and motion-detecting lights.  

3. Water Heater: Replacing a conventional electric or gas water heater with a solar-powered system takes energy efficiency one step further. Water heaters have evolved over the last few decades, becoming more efficient and energy-friendly. Mini tanks now heat your water as needed instead of wasting energy by keeping 30 gallons of hot water on hand.

4. AtticYour attic holds in much heat. Savvy homeowners know that circulating the air inside the attic can substantially lower home cooling costs.  Solar-powered attic fans are an easy addition to your home.

You can download our complimentary solar guide to learn more about the benefits of using solar energy for your Arizona home. We invite you to download the guide, and if you're interested, request a custom solar quote from one of our solar experts today.