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5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Solar in Arizona

Kyle Ritland

November 2021

pixaby_solar panels 8From friends and family to delicious food, we can’t help but feel that warm, happy feeling of gratitude this time of year. This year has brought with it unique new challenges, but also new triumphs. Coming off the heels of 2020 we weren't sure what to expect, but this year has given us a number of things to be thankful for and has made giving thanks for all that we have that much more important.

Here at Sun Valley Solar Solutions, we like to take a look back at our year thus far and give thanks for all that we've accomplished not only as a company but also as a partnership with our growing family of solar customers.

There’s little doubt that the outlook for solar energy continues to improve by leaps and bounds every year. Through advancements in performance, pricing, and longevity, solar has earned its place in a rapidly evolving technology landscape that is helping to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

So before our minds fill up with football games and Black Friday deals, we'd like to give a little credit to solar for its ongoing gift of a cleaner and better tomorrow. Although we could probably write a novel (or two) on solar's significant impact, here are our top five reasons to be thankful for Arizona's most abundant natural resource and the technology that enables us to power our lives with it. 


1. Powering through the pandemic

While we are not out of the woods yet, we're happy to report that despite all the turmoil the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to bring in 2021, the Sun Valley Solar team is still serving the communities we love while doing the work that we love to do. We're especially thankful to work in an industry where our society's long-term health and safety is the primary mission. There's a brighter, healthier, and more sustainable future ahead of us. We're thankful that our work will help get us there.


2. Jobs in our sunny state

The Arizona solar industry employed over 7,300 people last year and more than 230,000 people nationwide. We're happy to contribute to these numbers with over 110 employees working out of our Chandler headquarters. These are people who work hard raising families, contribute every day to their local economies, and ensure a healthy environment for their children and grandchildren. 

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3. Helping families save money

Families need help now more than ever. Especially with more people sheltering in place at home as we continue to ride out the pandemic. While the amount of money families can save with solar depends on many factors, one thing's for sure: you will save money. 


4. Making the world a better and cleaner place

Over the last twelve months, Sun Valley Solar customers have installed more than 3 megawatts of residential solar. That’s an estimated annual generation of around 9 million kilowatt-hours or the equivalent to offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions of more than 16 million miles driven in an average-sized automobile! Working every day to build cleaner and more sustainable communities with homeowners and businesses is always rewarding for us, and we look forward to helping even more Arizonans go green next year.


5A community of support

Most importantly, from all of us at Sun Valley Solar Solutions, thank YOU for supporting us and our local community. After 16 years of giving us feedback and helping us grow, thank you for helping us turn sunshine into savings, and for supporting our mission to create a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow

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*This blog has been updated since its original publication date of 11/23/2015.