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Reflecting on Another Bright Year of Solar

Shannon Higgins

December 2019

Solar on sun valley solar solutionsThe new year is right around the corner and with it brings reflections on 2019 - another amazing year for solar. And while the solar industry has seen a few ups and downs the past twelve months, growth remains extremely strong and all signs point to the renewable energy revolution charging forward into 2020 and beyond. 

From the latest and greatest solar technology to questions you should ask your potential solar company, 2019 we've worked hard to educate and keep our customer informed. We even accomplished a long-time company goal of installing solar on our recently renovated building! So as we prepare for another bright year for solar in 2020, we wanted to share with you our top nuggets of wisdom  from 2019.

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*This blog has been updated since its original publication date of 12/18/2018 to reflect the top blogs of 2019.